Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Get Stumped at the June Meeting!

Cartoonist, illustrator, and cartooning instructor Greg Stump will plant himself at the podium for the June meeting of Cartoonists Northwest! The illustrious guest speaker is co-creator of “Urban Hipster” comics, the debut issue of which was nominated for a Harvey Award for Best New Series in 1999. Co-created with Cartoonists Northwest member David Lasky, the popular title was followed-up with a second issue from Alternative Comics in 2003.
When asked in an interview to define “Urban Hipster”, the irrepressible Stump called it “The most exciting comic series since Kamandi.” Asked to explain how U.H. differs from ‘normal’ comics, Stump said “It's more self aware, plus it's funnier.”
While in college, Stump discovered the work of Peter Bagge and Dan Clowes, who influenced him away from his former interest in editorial cartooning. His weekly strip “Dwarf Attack” has graced the pages of The Stranger and the Portland Mercury. According to the Merc, Stump’s strip is “ALWAYS FUNNY! … Greg Stump: genius.”
Whether you consider yourself urban, suburban, urbane or sub-urbane, it’s easy to be a hipster! Come to the meeting on Saturday, June 21! (See below for location, time, etc.)


+ Cartoonists review each others’ work and vote for ‘Best of the Northwest’. Bring your cartoons and enter the friendly competition!
+ Ongoing discussion of proposed changes to CNW Bylaws.
+ Other news and stuff, guaranteed to be of a cartoonishly edifying nature!

What: Cartoonists Northwest meeting. (Monthly meetings happen on the third Saturday of every month.)
When: Saturday, June 21, 2008
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Cost: Free!
Where: The Art Institute of Seattle, North Campus, Room 503 (Real Networks Bldg.), 2600 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121. Use main entrance at corner of Alaskan Way and Vine St. Street parking is free beginning at 6 PM.


Sneak preview of the July Meeting!

Psst! The guest speakers at the July CNW meeting will be the crew from Bluewater Productions, Inc., the independent production studio of comics, young adult books and graphic novel titles. Based in Bellingham, Bluewater publishes many comic titles, including “Ray Harryhausen Presents”, the exciting project with famed filmmaker Ray Harryhausen. Ray’s unforgettable classic films (“The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad”, “Clash of the Titans”, and “20 Million Miles to Earth” to name a few) get transformed into comic sequels. Yep, the July meeting’s gonna be hot with the coolest name in Seattle area comics! Plus, you’ll hear all the latest plans for Bell Con 2008 (another of Bluewater’s brainchildren), which takes place on Sept. 27! (For more details, go to: http://www.myspace.com/bellcon2007)


ABOUT CARTOONISTS NORTHWEST: Cartoonists Northwest is an association of professional and amateur cartoonists who meet monthly to network, collaborate, and promote community among local artists. Established in 1981, CNW is one of Seattle’s longest-standing organizations and boasts membership of such artists as: Lynn Johnston (“For Better or For Worse”), David Horsey (Seattle PI), John Lustig (Disney and “Last Kiss”), Brian Basset (“Adam @ Home” and “Red and Rover”), Donna Barr (“The Desert Peach” and “Stinz”) and many more. Become a member! $30 per year to become a member of Cartoonists Northwest ($40 outside the US) – It’s a bargain at twice the price! Plus you get a one-year subscription to the CNW newsletter, PENSTUFF. To heck with your un-read subscription to Newsweek! JOIN CNW TODAY! Contact: cartoonistnw@gmail.com

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