Sunday, September 7, 2008


“A Cornucopia of Comicana”

Here’s how to spot a cartoonist hurrying to the September meeting. You will notice several horizontal speed lines and small dust clouds emanating from his or her speeding feet. Be ready to dodge the sweat droplets that fly from the cartoonist’s brow, the result of exertion and worry about arriving late. In this anxious state, it is inadvisable to get in the way of the cartoonist. Anyone who dares may be subjected to a vicious torrent of small stars, curlicues, saturns, and angry scribbles.

Do you know the secret cartoonist shorthand for describing the above scene? Well, if not, don’t plewd it! Come to the September meeting and learn to speak and draw in the high-brow artsy fartsy language of the cartoonist, and a whole lot more symbolic nonsense, as we review the hilarious language of comics. Who knows, we may come up with some brand new secret code words of our very own!

Ask not for whom the Bell Con tolls! It tolls for THEE! …and for your products! Yes, members can sell their wares at the CNW table at Bell Con (Sept. 27). CNW traditionally asks for a mere 10% of sales to help defray costs. Bring your salable products and drop them off at the September meeting. We’ll transport them to Bellingham. This also means we need a few good volunteer-minded members to drive and help manage the table. Please offer your time and transportation to help make the CNW presence at Bell Con a ringing success!

PROMO A-GO-GO! Imagine yourself included in a classy CNW promo newsletter with Technicolor cover, and featuring member art and short bios. Members interested in shameless self-promotion (isn’t that ALL of us??) should not miss this opportunity. To that worthy end, be it known that all September meeting attendees (or those submitting artwork [200 dpi tiff] to Dick Rogers by Sept. 20) will be given priority for this special edition Penstuff-like CNW promotional tool.

Bye-Bye Bylaws? In this season of decision-making, it’s time to review the proposed changes to CNW bylaws once more, and then VOTE to accept or reject them! If you need a refresher, go to Find the May 28 entry to see all the by-laws and changes thereto. Come to the meeting and be a part of this important step.

And if we have time….anyone for a comic jam incorporating as much comicana as possible? Bring pens!

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