Tuesday, February 10, 2009


“Explore Life, Language…and Comics…with MARK CAMPOS, February’s Guest Speaker!”

Mark Campos is a prolific Seattle-area cartoonist and writer whose work has
appeared in anthologies such as Hyena, Gay Comix, and the recent
Real Magicalism and TYPHON. His solo work includes the two-issue
Places That Are Gone series, and several issues of Exapno Mapcase.
His work with the Finecomix group was published in the critically
acclaimed Moxie, My Sweet. His reviews have appeared in The Comics
Journal, Comics F/X, Poopsheet
, and Zine World.

Mark is a member of Finecomix, the Seattle-based collective of cartoonists who collaborate to help push comics as an artform. In Moxie, My Sweet, all stories were written by him and drawn by the rest of the group. Mark's stories explore life, language, and literature; he has his own style, but can also riff on grooves laid down by such writers as Walt Kelly, J.R.R. Tolkein, and Philip K. Dick. Illustrators include David Lasky, Stefan Gruber, Tatiana Gill, Dalton Webb, and more.

Mark has worked as an artist on indy hits like Naughty Bits. Mark is also a member of “Friends of the Nib”. Founded by visionary cartoonist Jim Woodring and Bob Rini, “Friends of the Nib” is a modern cartoonist salon. Cartoonists participating include: Jim Woodring, Bob Rini, Kinoko, Dalton Webb, Mark Campos, Matt Tamaru, Sara Spink, Angela Stork, Max Clotfelter, Scott Faulkner, and David Lasky.

It has been said that, in his spare time, Mark avoids responsibility. Mark reports that he is married to Kaija, and they have one cat. With family life in addition to his notable drawing and writing output, it’s hard to imagine Mark having very much spare time, so it’s fortunate that he will spend some of it addressing Cartoonists Northwest! Don’t miss this chance to hear from one of comic-dom’s most creative talents! Come to the February meeting, my sweet!

• Cartoonists review each others’ work and vote for ‘Best of the Northwest’. Bring your art and enter the friendly competition!
• Other news and stuff, guaranteed to be of a cartoonishly edifying nature!

What: Cartoonists Northwest meeting. (Monthly meetings happen on the third Saturday of every month.)
When: Sat. Feb. 21, 2009
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Cost: Free!
Location: The Art Institute of Seattle,
North Campus, Room 503 (Real Networks Bldg.)
2600 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 98121

Use main entrance at corner of Alaskan Way and Vine St. Street parking is free beginning at 6 p.m. (Psst! Best bets are meters along Elliott Ave. There is also a paid parking garage on Elliott two blocks south of Vine.)
Contact: cartoonistNW@gmail.com

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