Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Toonie Nominees

What we want from you!

1) a vote from each section
2) then pick your one favorite from your favorites. :D

Email us, mail in your vote or come to our next meeting and drop it off!!! We'll have some there. Every vote counts!

We need a total of 7 votes from you...

Editorial Cartoons (vote for one)

Dan McConnell

Milt Priggee

Frank Shiers

Illustration (vote for one)
Jeremy Eaton

Jason Metcalf

Greg Stump

Comic Books / Graphic Novels (vote for one)
Phil and Kaja Foglio
"Girl Genius

Aaron McConnell
"The United States Constitution"

Kevin Boze
"Virgin Project"

Print Comic Strips (vote for one)
T. Lewis
"Over the Hedge"

Jan Eliot
"Stone Soup"

Russell Myers
"Broom Hilda"

Online Comic Strips (vote for one)
Jeff Hawley
"Log Jam

Mark Monlux
"Return of Stickman" & "The Comic Critic"

Ken Cursoe
"Tiny Sepuku"

Writers (vote for one)
Ed Brubaker

Jeff Parker

Gail Simone

Due by this Saturday April 17th, 2010!

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