Thursday, May 8, 2008


Cartoonists Northwest’s May 17th meeting could be called “Takin’ Care of Business” and will feature a stimulating potpourri of viewpoints and agenda items, especially those garnered in the wake of the recent Seattle ComiCon.

The conversation will be more than just a recap of fun and memorable moments from the show. This could be an invaluable how-to guide for those aspiring cartoonists who have yet to present their artwork for sale at a comic book convention. And even longtime conventioneers may pick up an insightful tidbit or two.

Past CNW Presidents Scott Alan and John Lustig, current club President Keith Curtis, and Five-year member Bill Morse will be among those leading the discussion about what it takes to bring images in your head to the “product” stage, and then marketing them at a show.

This confluence of con-goers will bring up war stories and handy tips for any cartoonist interested in exploring the commercial and social aspects of comic book culture. Valuable lessons learned in the study of human nature, what sells and doesn’t sell, and the importance of superhuman stamina for enduring such ware-hawking fatigue and what some conventioneers refer to as “mind-glaze”.

Cartoonists Scott Alan [Oh Brother! “To Boldly Go… (Like it or Not)” ] and Bill Morse [Rhapsodies, Sasha Slower Than Light] have been vendors at all six Emerald City ComiCons, building up their publications and their presentations over that time. Keith Curtis’ Crater on the Moon has developed innovative improvements as well. In addition to having many shows and fairs notched on his belt, John Lustig [Last Kiss] also has intriguing tales to tell from the recent New York Comic Con, a place far from the Emerald City…

So come to Cartoonists Northwest’s May 17 meeting for some hilarious, inspiring and informative conventional wisdom. (ouch!) Besides the passing along of priceless pearls, there’s always the usual CNW fun with voting on the Best of the Northwest cartoons offered by the members each month, discussing new and old club business, and potentially a serious discussion about the club’s bylaws. Bylaws? We have bylaws? You bet your sweet bippy we do! Come see!


+ Cartoonists review each others’ work and vote for ‘Best of the Northwest’. Bring your cartoons and enter the friendly competition!

+ Other news and stuff, guaranteed to be of a cartoonishly edifying nature!

What: Cartoonists Northwest meeting. (Monthly meetings happen on the third Saturday of every month.)
When: Sat. May 17, 2008
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Cost: Free!
Where: The Art Institute of Seattle, North Campus, Room 503 (Real Networks Bldg.) 2600 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121. Use main entrance at corner of Alaskan Way and Vine St. Street parking is free beginning at 6 PM.

ABOUT CARTOONISTS NORTHWEST: Cartoonists Northwest is an association of professional and amateur cartoonists who meet monthly to network, collaborate, and promote community among local artists. Established in 1981, CNW is one of Seattle’s longest-standing organizations and boasts membership of such artists as: Lynn Johnston (“For Better or For Worse”), David Horsey (Seattle PI), John Lustig (Disney and “Last Kiss”), Brian Basset (“Adam @ Home” and “Red and Rover”), Donna Barr (“The Desert Peach” and “Stinz”) and many more.

Become a member! $30 per year to become a member of Cartoonists Northwest ($40 outside the US) – It’s a bargain at twice the price! Plus you get a one-year subscription to the CNW newsletter, PENSTUFF. To heck with your un-read subscription to Newsweek! JOIN CNW TODAY! Contact:

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