Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CNW May 15th meeting!

Messinger Service, or A Life in Store-age

At May's CNW meeting, we'll be hearing from the founder of Evolution. No, we're not talkin' Charles Darwin here! We're talkin' about Chuck Messinger and his Puyallup store, Comic Evolution. Comic Evolution has been billed as "a comic book store ... with intelligent design," and I don't think I can out-do that turn of phrase (though, of course, I had to make some attempts)! Just a guess here, but I suspect Chuck might explain what makes his store special at the meeting.

Recently, Chuck and several co-conspirators turned a writers' group that had been meeting at his store into a new publishing venture, Creator's Edge Press. The company is taking its independent/local vision to heart, even engaging the presses at an area newspaper for printing all its materials. Chuck has promised to share his stories and ideas, such as how he keeps going with his dual interests during difficult economic times, and his thoughts on why retailing and publishing can flourish even in the midst of a recession. It promises to be an interesting look from another side (or two) of this business!

Surely, we'll want to discuss, too, the recent Toonie Awards Banquet (at least I hope y'all will, as I was stuck in Migraine Hell that night and missed the big shindig). If anyone is interested, I can talk about the also-recent Stumptown Comics Fest, as I attended for my fifth time, despite having no job or money ... it's just THAT good! And, I feel, essential.

Plus, you know ... we'll mull over new business/the future! Jaw about old stuff? Sure! Share personal news of interest. Conduct our "Best of the Northwest" cartoon contest. Anything can happen! Maybe someone will turn into a platypus!

What: May meeting of Cartoonists Northwest (monthly meetings on the third Saturday of every month.)
When: Saturday, May 15th, 2010, from 4pm to 6pm
Location: Daniel Smith Finest Quality Artists' Materials
4150 First Avenue South
(For directions, see the CNW website!)

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