Sunday, March 30, 2008

Disney revealed! - 8/07

The August meeting was fantastic! John Lustig and Jeff Hamill unloaded a ton of info about writing for Disney comics! They touched on everything from writing for established characters to the processes and intricacies of working for a major corporation/brand.

They took told us about the evolution of the characters over time; when Mickey was a darker mouse and how Scrooge McDuck became one of the most dynamic characters to write for. A highlight was when they took us through one of the touchstone stories where Donald, Daisy, and the boys go through the town of Omlet. Both where able to give unique insights into the story structure, reasons why certain plot points existed; real behind the scenes stuff!

What’s more, John and Jeff complimented each other well as a tag team and together gave a really compelling and interesting presentation. Thanks so much guys, it was great!

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