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Show and Tell in September - 10/2/05

Show and Tell in September
by Scott Alan
October 2, 2005

Show and tell time at CNW is always a treat. It's nice to get together with your fellow cartoonists and share where you've been and what's new. We had a good turn out and some great stuff was shown. Here's a summary:

Liriel announced some new merchandise for Bad Blood which can be found at

John Lustig had some great merchandise to show off as well all
gloriously featured at his site

Scott Alan was there to share his latest successes including the start of an all new online comic called "Oh Brother!" which can be seen at He also showed off his latest endeavor called "Frontispace" where he draws cartoons to compliment articles written by a scientist in Greece. These can be found at

There were other great art projects passed about by Bill Morse, John Brower, Morgan Sandys, John Aquino and more. We even had some new people show up to the meeting and thank them for being a part of this great evening.

I know that a lot of details and artists were overlooked but I was asked to keep this article brief. Sorry about that. I think all of you did great and was very pleased with the amount of great work shown. It was a great time, a great meeting, and all thanks to the many great artists who came in to strut their stuff!

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