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Rapid-Fire Drawing with Kevin Boze - 7/6/05

Rapid-Fire Drawing with Kevin Boze
by Georgia Ball
July 6, 2005

Last year during Bumbershoot, Kevin was one of 16 artists who took part in Comic Biography Theatre—an event in which cartoonists had to draw an unusual true event submitted by people in the crowd. This year he was the guest speaker for Cartoonists Northwest on June 18th, and he brought along his pencil and put us to work.

Kevin studied art under Ken Anderson and completed a degree in Digital Arts with a focus in animation from Henry Cogswell Role Call by Kevin BozeCollege. During the day he commutes from Seattle to Arlington and works as a design engineer for Bay Liner, but he spends his evenings creating his online comic, Role Call. Centered around role-playing, his strip is a feature of ShadowRaven, an online interactive gaming website. Role Call has been running on ShadowRaven for two years, is written and drawn by Kevin and is colored and published by Julie Albert.

Some of Kevin's previous strips included Corp. Kev, which was published in the European edition of Stars and Stripes for three years, and Camille, a cat-focused spin-off of Corp, Kev. When Kevin had finished giving us some of his background he called on his audience to break out pencil and paper for a quick lesson in gesture drawing. His model moved from one action pose to another while Kevin timed the participants, and page after page of sweeping gesturals were cast aside as the next pose began. Each session was between 5-15 seconds, encouraging the artists to focus on the essence of the action

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