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Emerald City ComiCon Report - 4/4/06

Emerald City ComiCon Report
by Scott Alan
April 4, 2006

Emerald City ComiCon 4 has now been and gone. Once again CNW had a presence at the show and it was a good one. In fact, the good people running the show (Jim Demonakos and crew) were very accommodating to us as always and set the official CNW table alongside many of the members tables. We really had the run of one row at artists alley and that was way cool! Think of that. One entire row of artists alley filled up with CNW members. It was so much fun to be there next to all our members having fun and sharing the convention experience together as a group. A special shout of gratitude must go out to Luke Martin and Stephen Prescott who helped CNW greatly by manning the official club table all weekend and also to our own Elizabeth Pankey who once again graciously provided the trappings and trimmings for the club table making it a truly impressive and professional looking display indeed. You're all great and we greatly appreciate your help!

Many of our members were there representing themselves as well as CNW. John Aquino and Scott Alan were set up with their new collaborative effort Cahoots Comics and new booth bunny display which got some fine attention. Next to them were Bill Morse with his popular Rhapsodies series. Georgia & Scott Ball were on hand promoting Scooter & Ferret with books, buttons, and great new shirts which seemed to get a lot of attention (as well it should). Liriel McMahon brought Bad Blood back to the show for all to admire or run in terror of depending on who was at the table. Outside of artists alley you'd find some rather impressive booth displays from our members including Dawn Kravanga and her very decorative Cattle Capers display. Kieth Curtis was on hand with his great Crater on the Moon comics and dressed for show as his space marine character which was a great site to see. Rounding the bend you saw the ever popular Last Kiss booth run by the one and only John Lustig who seemed to be very happy to be there. You go John. Joining John at the booth was the ever lovin' Kevin Boze who spent time entertaining the crowd with personal experiences written into Comics Biography Theatre. I'm sure there's a lot of great stuff to see there.

Some of the show highlights were the attendees in costume who had some great designs to show. Friends of CNW were at the show in all of their glory including Randy Emberland, James Dean Smith, our new friends Jonah and Jeremy Gregory with Random Pirate Comics, and the ever popular Phil Foglio. The convention boasted many great guest stars including Tim Sale who was at the end of the CNW row gathering a lot of attention from the very excited crowd and Tycho & Gabe from Penny Arcade who gave a very entertaining panel about web comics and their own experiences with them. I can say it was a real pleasure meeting them both and that meeting MAY lead to an exciting event for CNW... but more on that later.

As for the show itself it was grand as always. There was plenty of space for us all and accommodations were well provided. This year the only complaint I heard as I had time to wander around was that there wasn't a lot of traffic at the show this year and things seemed a little slow. I don't know about that as far as actual numbers go, but I know it did seem light. That didn't stop the crowd that was there from having a good time though and the atmosphere of the attendees was fun and jovial so it all seems to have worked out well in the end.

It was a fine time for us all and I had a lot of fun. With Emerald 5 already slated for next April it's a good guess that we'll be planning for the next show as well. For now it's time for sleep and post con recoup. Too much excitement pocky and pixy sticks can really spaz you out and you just need that middle of the day nap time to recover from the grand weekend. That's what I'm gonna do now.

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