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The National Caricaturist Network Convention 2005 II - 5/17/05

The National Caricaturist Network Convention 2005 II
by Elizabeth Pankey
May 17, 2005

Part Two of Two

Here I am again writing about the National Caricaturist Network. It has been awhile. Are you still curious about the celebrity who visited the working caricaturists at the Palace Station in Vegas? He is part of a magical duo. He doesn't speak during his performances. No, they don't work with lions, Elizabeth Pankey by Rhoda Grossmantigers or bears. His partner is taller with black hair and glasses. I spoke with this charming man as he walked into our large workroom. He says he chats a lot off stage. Yes, it was Teller of Penn & Teller.

Want to learn about exaggerating features from the masters of caricature? Want to learn about marketing yourself as a caricaturist/entertainer? Want to learn new ways of expressing yourself as an artist? Then come to the next NCN convention. The seminars offered are filled with tips and techniques in everything from basic caricature to extreme abstraction, from studio illustration to being the life of the party scene. The learning and sharing continues through the likeness and the newly revamped speed competitions. It is Terry by Perryall about drawing, painting, or constructing caricatures of each other. I like watching the airbrush artists, but the fumes bother me. My time at this year's convention was spent experimenting with different techniques as I explored new faces and familiar faces. I tried to balance my choices between men and women.

The number of caricaturing styles increases with the NCN convention attendance each year. Though we can only show grayscale in the printed newsletter, I'm hoping our CNW website can show some of my photos of the varied styles in color. These photos are only to illustrate this article. The artists still own their copyrights. Please respect that when looking at this artwork. Thank you.

I'm also including a photo of Rhoda Grossman's "stylish" shoes worn at the NCN Banquet. Many caricaturists like to be Rhoda Grossman stylish shoesflamboyant at the awards dinner. So if you come to next year's convention, bring a formal fashion to wear. It's all about STYLE and creating a memorable impression. Tom Richmond casually showed off his muscular body by wearing tight jeans and a form fitting T-shirt. Tom and Chris Rommel can bare their biceps anytime. Woo! Back to reality. Yes, I enjoy window-shopping.

"Butt Faces" by Lar de Souza

"Butt Faces" by Lar de Souza

"The Many Faces of Teresa Farrington"

"The Many Faces of Teresa Farrington"

P.S.: Thank you to everyone who has written to me about part one. Your positive feedback only serves to encourage me.

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