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Show Your Moxie: Fine Comix Delights Members with a Live Reading - 7/2/06

Show Your Moxie: Fine Comix Delights Members with a Live Reading
by Georgia Ball
July 2, 2006

CNW members who attended the June 17 meeting got a special treat from our presenters: a live performance. The group of artists who make up Fine Comix set their comics to music and read their various onscreen parts with gusto, bringing to life two of the stories from their recent publication, Moxie, My Sweet. Live performances are a quirky method the group uses to promote their work, and just as in their appearances at local coffee shops, the audience laughed along with the over-the-top vocalizations and gestures of the actors as each panel was projected. Members first followed the story of a girl daydreaming of a medieval fantasy world and a handsome suitor to the tune of Led Zeppelin, drawn by CNW regular and indie comics mainstay David Lasky. Even more color and sound effects accompanied the next story, "The Crow Passes," a Pogo-inspired Southern funeral for a jazz-playing crow done in by drink. Both stories were written by Mark Campos, the talent behind all of the stories in their first publication illustrated by various artists.

Fine Comix began as a Yahoo Group in 2001, a place where Seattle creators could come together and enjoy each others' work called "Comics as Fine Art." It was eventually reorganized as Fine Comix, and became a collaborative way the artists could publish. As an anthology, their work faces special challenges finding a market. Speaker Scott Faulkner described their various efforts to get their book in the hands of the public, including distribution through Last Gasp in San Francisco, Amazon and Diamond. Their next book, tentatively set for release in 2007, will be entitled Paperback Moxie, a compilation of stories in the sci-fi and horror genre.

Contact: Georgia Ball

Georgia Ball is a freelance Flash designer and the script writer for the cartoon strip Scooter and Ferret

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